LRA is back to DOJ



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From left to right: Atty. Ethel B. Regadio (Attorney III, Law Division), Mrs. Mary Jane G.Ysmael (Chief, Administrative Services Division), Mr. Ser John C. Pastrana (Chief, Micrographics and Computer Division), Mr. Armando M. De Leon (Director, Financial Management Department), Atty. Loreto I. Orense (Chief, Personnel Management Division), Engr. Porfirio R. Encisa (Director, Dept. On Registration), Atty. Ofelia E. Abueg – Sta. Maria (Deputy Administrator for Operations), Atty. Roberto B. Salcedo (Registrar of Deeds, Tagaytay City), Hon. Leila M. De Lima (Secretary, DOJ), Hon. Eulalio C. Diaz III (Administrator), Atty. Ronald A. Ortile (Deputy Administrator for Administration), Atty. Robert Nomar V. Leyretana (Chief, Law Division) Atty. Rosalinda G. Alonzo (Director, Administrative and Personnel Management Department), Atty. Elbert T. Quilala (Registrar of Deeds, Quezon City)


Logo_DOJsmall.jpgPRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has returned the supervision of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to ensure “more effective and efficient execution of laws” concerning land registration.

Executive Order (EO) 30 transfers the LRA from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to the Department of Justice (DOJ) effective immediately upon publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation.

President Aquino signed EO 30 on March 14.

“The LRA is hereby transferred from the DENR to the DOJ in order to ensure a more effective and efficient execution of laws relative to land registration,” the President said in EO 30.

LRA LOGOsmall.jpgThe LRA was an attached agency of the DOJ until the previous administration transferred its management to the DENR on December 28, 2007, by a virtue of EO 690.

According to EO 30, the government is committed to pursue more responsive and efficient bureaucracy by adopting homogenous grouping of functionally related government agencies.

“With due regard to the quasi-judicial functions being performed by the LRA in land registration cases, and given the present mandate, organizational capability, expertise and experience of the LRA and its Registries of Deeds throughout the country, it is more appropriate that the LRA and its Registries of Deeds continue perform its land registration functions under the DOJ,” the order stated.

In transferring the agency to the Justice department, President Aquino cited Section 31, Chapter 10, Title 3, Book 3 of the Administrative Code of 1987, which authorizes the President “to reorganize the administrative structure of the Office of the President.”

Cris G. Odronia