No.:            LRA CIRCULAR No. 13

Subject:      Administrative Reconstitution of Original Copies of Lost or Destroyed Certificates of Titles Pursuant to Republic Act No. 6732

Date:          July 26, 1989



No.:            LRA CIRCULAR No. 14 - 2017

Subject:     Processing and Issuance of LRA Offices of Queries and Certified True Copies as Requested by Courts and Government Investigative Agencies

Date:          May 31, 2017


No.:            LRA CIRCULAR No. 13 - 2017

Subject:     Standardization of the Foreign Exchange Rates Used by the Land Registration Authority for the Assessment of Fees on Deeds and Instruments Involving Foreign Currencies

Date:          May 29, 2017


No.:            LRA CIRCULAR No. 12 - 2017

Subject:     Revised LRA Form for Certifications and Certified True Copies of Titles and Deeds, Instruments, and Other Documents

Date:          May 11, 2017


No.:             LRA CIRCULAR No. 04 - 2017

Subject:       Addendum to LRA Circular No. 38-2016 with Subject: Correction of Erroneously-encoded Tie Point Description on Specifically-identified Certificates of Title

Date:            January 24, 2017


No.:            LRA CIRCULAR No. 02 - 2017

Subject:     Addendum to LRA CIRCULAR No. 02-2016 with Subject: Program for the Upgrade of all Manually-Issued Titles Within a 3-Year Period

Date:          January 06, 2017