We are here to assist the President attain his promise of real change to the people. In this side of the government, I am referring to the Land Registration Authority (LRA), we envision an LRA that would provide the public a secure, stable and trustworthy record of land ownership and recorded interests.

There could be no reform without real changes. One of the reforms we intend to take is through the issuances, among others, of effective and corrective circulars.

The field officers, the Registers of Deeds, would play a crucial role and this is the time that those on the ground level would be seriously heard. To this end, this office issued memoranda to them to submit their proposed circulars.

As implementers, theirs are the perspectives and voices from what are happening in the field. We would be wasting their experiences for nothing, some are even up to thirty years, if we will not listen and seriously consider their opinions. 

We would also listen to the public transacting with the LRA. I remember during the courtesy visit of group of stakeholders, they presented problems they encountered, there are graphs, illustrations, and other details. I told them to prepare draft circulars, in its complete form and we will discuss it with those who will implement it to hear also their side and to determine whether they are feasible. We appreciate if you give us solutions.

In other words, LRA intends to issue circulars and policies from the perspectives of those who will implement them and not those policies imagined, visualized, or conceptualized from the top without considering our officers from the ground who would implement them. They know the terrain and they could guide us the way.

Our country is laden with land conflicts, including rebellion. The LRA, the trustee of country’s land titles, intends to support the President, in our little way, in his relentless effort for peace, which is the key to our country’s progress. Peace is the launching port for our economy and it is the duty of every Filipino to give it a chance.

To this end, this office instructed the uniform committee to incorporate in our Office Uniform the Moro and the Indigenous People. Our uniform would be an expression of our acceptance of our brother and sister Moros and Indigenous People.

We are only one nation. We have no other country. We should accept our differences. It is because if in this land only one should prevail and we would disregard the differences that is happening in every corner of our country, we are actually slowly erasing our being Filipinos because our differences are what we are.

Mabuhay po tayo! It is my pleasure to serve to the best of my abilities.