SUBJECT: Surrender of old Manual Titles for upgrading to Electronic Title

DATE: June 24, 2019

FROM: Administrator
Land Registration Authority

When the Land Registration Authority (LRA) embarked into computerization through the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP), around 16.6 Million titles of the 159 registries nationwide were scanned and uploaded in the database. However, the scanned image in the system is not the title itself but is only the picture thereof. The title remains the paper title kept in the vault of the registry office.

The aforementioned scanning of title, including the encoding of the entries thereof, serves as a preparatory process before the upgrading of the title to Electronic Title, the nature of which would be discussed herein later.

When there is a transaction involving the title, be it sale, mortgage, or any transaction that requires annotation, pursuant to Sections 54 and 57 of PD 1529, the Office of the Register of Deeds through its Records Officer is required to find the title to ascertain that it still exists because when it cannot be found, the office has to recommend the filing in court of a petition for the reconstitution of the lost title before any transaction can be had thereon.


ISO_AWARDING_Remake.pngThe Land Registration Authority (LRA) has been recently awarded the International Organization for Standardization certification for quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) for achieving operational efficiency with the successful implementation of documentation and records management, and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of system and services. 


Last March 8, 2017 at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, former Administrator Eulalio C. Diaz III, including the Registrar of Deeds all over the Philippines, celebrated with LRA as  OIC-Administrator Robert Nomar V. Leyretana CESO II and Deputy Administrator Ronald O. Ortile CESO II received the ISO Certificate. 

“We are truly honored to have earned this certification - a testament to LRA’s commitment to excellence and public service,” said OIC-Administrator Bob Leyretana, during the awarding ceremony. 

The process of LRA’s ISO Certification went through a rigorous process that included consultations with the departments of the agency. In addition, the different Registries of Deeds (RDs) were also interviewed namely, Quezon City, Manila, Parañaque City, Marikina City, Binangonan, Morong, Lipa City, San Fernando City, Davao City and Toledo City.

The AJA Registrars, an independent certification body that among industrial  and commercial sectors, assessed the agency's conformity with the ISO international standards. 

They conducted a risk management and process control,  and have also investigated on LRA's policies. Auspiciously, the agency met all physical and management controls in order to achieve compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards.