The LRA exists for the sole purpose of implementing and protecting the Torrens system of land titling and registration. It is the central repository of all land records involving registered or titled lands.

It issues decrees of registration pursuant to final judgment of the courts in land registration proceedings and causes the issuance by a registrar of deeds the corresponding certificate of title;

It is tasked to issue all subsequent or transfer certificates of title which may either be issued judicially or administratively; It keeps the title history or records of transaction involving titled or registered lands; It exercises control over the disposition or alienation of registered lands in accordance with existing government rules and regulations; It provides legal and technical assistance to the courts on land registration cases; It extends assistance to other agencies of the government in the implementation cases; It extends assistance to other agencies of the government in the implementation of the agrarian program; Its a revenue-collecting agency of the government.


The Land Registration Authority is mandated to issue decrees of registration and certificates of titles and register documents, patents and other land transactions for the benefit of landowners, Agrarian Reform-beneficiaries and the registering public in general; to provide a secure, stable and trustworthy record of land ownership and recorded interests therein so as to promote social and economic well-being and contribute to national development.

To achieve this mission, the LRA is committed to effectively implement the laws and regulations relative to the registration of land titles and deeds; to maintain and foster greater public trust and confidence in the Torrens title through honest, prompt and efficient service to preserve and maintain the integrity of land records; to provide vital, accurate and timely land-related development as well as to provide convenient working conditions and adequate incentives to all LRA personnel.


  • An independent corporate body exercising quasi-judicial functions with automated systems and modern facilities;
  • An effectively managed organization responsive to the needs of its client and its personnel as well.
  • An entity conscious of its role to promote and to attain the full trust and confidence of the public in the Torrens title.

List of Officials (Directory)