SUBJECT: Surrender of old Manual Titles for upgrading to Electronic Title

DATE: June 24, 2019

FROM: Administrator
Land Registration Authority

When the Land Registration Authority (LRA) embarked into computerization through the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP), around 16.6 Million titles of the 159 registries nationwide were scanned and uploaded in the database. However, the scanned image in the system is not the title itself but is only the picture thereof. The title remains the paper title kept in the vault of the registry office.

The aforementioned scanning of title, including the encoding of the entries thereof, serves as a preparatory process before the upgrading of the title to Electronic Title, the nature of which would be discussed herein later.

When there is a transaction involving the title, be it sale, mortgage, or any transaction that requires annotation, pursuant to Sections 54 and 57 of PD 1529, the Office of the Register of Deeds through its Records Officer is required to find the title to ascertain that it still exists because when it cannot be found, the office has to recommend the filing in court of a petition for the reconstitution of the lost title before any transaction can be had thereon.



“I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling” –Lea Salonga

“I remember the face but I don’t remember the name” –Every employee at some point in their life at the workplace

           Everyday, we get to share the halls of the LRA with different people. They may be someone from a different department, or a different floor, or maybe someone from the office next door. They may be someone new, or maybe they have been with this Authority for years. However, with almost every instance there is one thing in common, they may look familiar, yet we do not know their name, or even at least the division where they belong.

           Thus, the Meet and Greet Program was born with the objective to foster camaraderie and strengthen the spirit of belongingness amongst the employees of the LRA Central Office, regardless of rank or status.

           Each Thursday, forty (40) randomly selected employees from the LRA Central Office, LARES, and Quezon City Registry of Deeds are invited at the Multi-purpose Hall for the Meet and Greet Program.


           Headed by their Chairman, Engr. Ser John C. Pastrana and Co-Chairman, Mr. Joel R. Amores, the Meet and Greet Committee treats the selected employees to two hours of fun and games which allows them to interact and even get to know their co-workers. The program is capped off with a merienda and a newly built friendship with their fellow employees.

           The Meet and Greet Activity is held every Thursday, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.


          Another LRA Extension Office at Robinson’s Bank located at the Corporate Office in Robinson’s Galleria, Quezon City, was inaugurated last March 19, 2018.This is the 19th extension office that was established. This LRA Extension Office shall be capable of issuing certified true copies of titles covering properties located in different parts of the country in the comfort of its own office without need of personally going to different Registries of Deeds nationwide. “We all know how important it is for banks like you to be able to get the latest information relative to titles being used or offered as collateral. Fast, to-date, and reliable information is key to good business decisions that benefit not only the banks but, most especially, you clients,” says Deputy Administrator Ronald A. Ortile who represented the agency in this event. He expressed that the roll-out of the extension office will contribute to ease in doing business to Robinson’s Bank and its clients as LRA continues to explore more ways to simplify its services to the public through the use of modern technology.

          leopicImagine yourself confined at a Quezon City hospital with inadequate means to bankroll the surgery that is urgently needed to be performed upon you. Although there is a property in Quezon province that you may use as collateral for a loan with which to pay the required expenses, it is nonetheless one that you co-own with 3 other siblings. Thus, they separately executed 3 sets of Special Power of Attorney (SPA) in favor of your wife (since the 1st is already an American resident, the 2nd has a service contract in Singapore, and the 3rd is stationed in Cebu, being the branch manager of Jollibee in said city) authorizing the latter to constitute a Real Estate Mortgage (REM) over the said Quezon province property. You also executed a similar SPA in your wife’s favor.

         However, when Mr. Ravi Singh and your wife presented the REM, the 4 SPAs, and other necessary documents for the registration of the REM so he (Mr. Singh) may release the amount of the loan to your wife, the Register of Deeds (RD) refused to act on the same unless the 4 principals who executed the 4 sets of SPAs appear before him and acknowledge that the same are indeed their voluntary acts & deeds or in the alternative, he (RD) demanded that the Philippine Consular officers in America and Singapore as well as the Notaries Public in Quezon City & Cebu to appear before him and certify that the principals in the 4 SPAs indeed appeared before them and executed said documents in their presence.


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In line with evolving the corporate culture of the agency to one comparable with the more progressive of companies in the private sector as well as in other premier agencies of the government, the Authority sponsored a seminar for its managerial employees and lawyers.

                The Leadership Training on Core Competency: Delivering Service Excellence, Problem Solving & Decision Making, and Exemplifying Integrity, while apparently being verbosely-challenged in title, did not suffer any infirmity in its conduct.  Curated by Karen Mendoza, a Civil Service Commission-accredited speaker, the confab brought together sixty agency leaders both from the central office and select registries of deeds for a three-day series of lectures and workshops to bring them up to speed on required managerial skills.

Held from 27 to 29 November at the National Irrigation Administration Convention Hall and the Multipurpose Hall of the LRA, the colloquium tackled such matters as motivational leadership, stress management, and the classifying and managing of subordinates.

     Sa interes ng serbisyo publiko at tugon sa imbitasyon ni Atty. Luis Meinrado C. Pagulayan, Undersecretary, Legal Affairs Office at Council Secretary ng PARC (Presidential Agrarian Reform Council), ang tumatayong direktor ng CARP na si G. Joel R. Amores ay nagtungo sa siyudad ng Cebu noong Nobyembre 20-21, 2017.  Si Direktor Amores ay naanyayahan maging isa sa mga tagapagsalita para sa naturang National Conference of Provincial Agrarian Reform Coordinating Committee (PARCCOM).  Sa naturang ginawang pagpupulong, inilahad niya ang mga aksyon at programang naipatupad ng LRA-CARP sa kasalukuyang taon at maging mga programa at badyet ng LRA-CARP para sa taong 2018.

     Sa Disyembre 4-6, 2017, sa utos ni Administrator Renato D. Bermejo, nagtungo si Direktor Amores kasama ang piling kawani ng LRA at ng LRA-CARP sa RD Tagbilaran, Bohol at nagsagawa ng imbentaryo at imbestigasyon sa mga transaksyon ng CARP sa nabanggit na lugar.