1. Send an email to etdmailbox@lra.gov.ph requesting for eTD accreditation.
  2. etdmailbox will reply and send an Application form using google forms. Fill them up online.
  3. LRA-ICTD Secretariat shall send an approval notice to the applicant re: accreditaion will attach thereto the installer and user guide.
  4. Extract the eTD software and install it on your computer and start encoding of technical description.
  5. Save all Technical Description encoded.
  6. Proceed to the Registry of Deeds to enter your transaction.
  7. Pay the fees and get your Official Receipt (OR) and Assessment form and Payment Order (AFPO).
  8. The OR and EPEB number are to be use in the compilation of all your encoded technical description into 1 file using compression software (zip or winwar). Compress all encoded TD using zip/winwar using the following name convention:
    1. <RDNAME>_<EPEBNo>_<ORNo>
    2. example:
    3. BacoorCity_2020003564_100694564
  9. List of all documents to be emailed to etdmailbox@lra_editor
    • BacoorCity_2020003564_1002694564 (.xtml file already zipped)
    • Assessment form and Payment Order (AFPO)
    • Official Receipt (OR)
    • Technical Description (TD) Inventory
  10. The LRA-ICTD Secretariat sahll send confirmation receipt of the eTDs.


Traning on the use of the said system may be requested through the same email address.

The eTD, its installer file and training are all given by LRA for FREE.