LRA Circular No. 21-2020

Use of the Citizen's Land Registration Portal by High-Volume Transactors

LRA Circular No. 20-2020

Clarification on the Requirement for the Submission of Encoded Technical Descriptions in Relation to LRA Circular No. 04-2020

LRA Circular No. 19-2020

Automatic Denial of Transactions With Incomplete Documents

LRA Circular No. 18-2020

Amended Guidelines on the Voiding of Unpaid Transaction

LRA Circular No. 17-2020

Information Security Policy and Standards - Management of User Accounts for the Land Registration Authority's Online Web Portals

LRA Circular No. 16-2020

Policy on the Issuance of Certified True Copies of Supporting Documents of Denied Transactions

LRA Circular No. 15-2020

Implementation of the LRA Title Ready Program ("TRP")

LRA Circular No. 14-2020

Official List of Documents Required for Registration of Deeds and Instruments in the Registries of Deeds

LRA Circular No. 13-2020

Revised Workflow for the Issuance of Certified True Copies of Electronic Titles ("eTitles")

LRA Circular No. 12-2020

Guidelines for Conversion on Demand