This is in relation to LRA Circular No. 17-2021 on August 3, 2021, with the subject, “Use of LRA Guides for the Improved Entry of Mandatory Registration Information for Transactions in the Registries of Deeds”, which provides for the adoption of the following LRA Mandatory Registration Information (“MRI”) Forms:

  1. MRI Form for Real Estate Mortgage (“REM”);
  2. MRI Form for Cancellation of Real Estate Mortgage (“CAN-REM”);
  3. MRI Form for Deed of Absolute Sale (“DOAS” or “Sale”); and,
  4. MRI Form for Deed of Donation.

Please be advised that the RDs shall start requiring the use of the above-mentioned forms so that documents are entered correctly and in a more efficient manner.

For convenience, you may download and print these forms by visiting