This is to inform the general public that, pursuant to LRA Circular No. 12-2021 with subject, “Implementing Guidelines on the Migration and Re-registration in the Personal Property Security Registry of Instruments Affecting Chattel Mortgage and Personal Properties Registered in the Chattel Mortgage Books of Computerized Registries of Deeds” as may be amended from time to time, the LRA shall implement the following:

  1. Migration of data relating to Chattel Mortgage (CM) transactions recorded in the Electronic Chattel Mortgage Registries during the Transitional Period, which started on February 9, 2019; and,
  2. Re-registration of CM transactions registered prior to the implementation of the PPSA.

LRA Clients are hereby advised of the following in relation to the Migration/Re-registration Activity:

  1. The list of creditor names as encoded in the Chattel Mortgage Registries are posted in the LRA website. The LRA Clients are requested to inform LRA of the various names referring to their respective banks or financial institutions.
  2. The Migration/Re-registration Activity may be undertaken through a Self-service Mode or an LRA-assisted Mode.

    a. If the migration/re-registration is done through the Self-service Mode, Clients shall:
    1. Secure a User Account from the PPSR;
    2. Register the Chattel Mortgage as an Initial Notice; and,
    3. Tag a CM transaction by providing the EPEB Number, CM Identification Number, and Notary Details, and provide the updated information of the CM during the Initial Notice registration process in the PPSR.

    b. If the migration/re-registration is done through the LRA-assisted Mode:
    1. The LRA and the Client shall execute an Undertaking or enter into an Agreement;
    2. LRA shall provide the list of registered CMs and the corresponding available data to the Client, together with the CM Migration and Re-registration template;
    3. The Client shall review the list and select which transactions shall be migrated/re-registered into the PPSR;
    4. The Client shall provide the updated information of the CM transaction, provide a list of users with details, and map each transaction to the user using the CM Migration and Re-registration template provided by LRA; and,
    5. The Client shall authorize the LRA to migrate/re-register records from the different CM Registries into the PPSR.

For questions and clarifications about the migration and re-registration of CM transactions, you may send an email to the PPSR Helpdesk through You may also vist the PPSR Information Center at

For your guidance.